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Twitterverse Thursday: April Fool’s Edition


Goodbye Mashable, Hello Conashable!



 Leave it to Conan O’Brien to trick the world into thinking he bought! Good one O’Brien, although we are pretty sure Pete Cashmore’s not leaving his post anytime soon — but he did come up with one of the best April Fool’s joke in the cyberspace! Peter, you had us fooled (for a millisecond).


Google Goes Retro



Dig out your old Nintendo Entertainment Systems everyone! Google has announced their latest advancement; they will now be offering 8-bit cartridge versions of Google Maps for NES. Or maybe not, since it turns out this was just an early April Fools joke on us all. Darn it, Google! I was kinda looking forward to having those cartridges back in my life again… 

Why Want Her Job, When You Could Want HIS Job?



With an interview from Roman Urbankski, the cue card guy, I Want Her Job turned into I Want HIS Job for a day! A clever one if I must say so myself. Not to mention, who wouldn’t want Roman’s job when the gigs are as awesome as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live!?!?

Pranks for Social Good



Do Something put a different twist on April Fools Day in the Twittersphere. Instead of playing pranks, they encouraged them instead! Which is perfectly okay by our standards, because true to DS’s nature, all 11 were for a good cause!


It’s Bieber Fever at LOVE TWENTY!





Got the Bieber Fever? LOVE TWENTY, an online magazine (and a She’s the First supporter) tweeted they scored an interview with teen heartthrob Justin Bieber! Sadly this was an April Fools prank too. Although, we don’t doubt that Tehrene & her team will get an interview with Biebs someday! Keep at it girls.

If see any tweets that catch your eye about girls education, music, and tech, tweet your interesting twit bits to @girlswhorock and you may see them next week on GWR Twitterverse Thursday!

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