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A Closer Look At Shanti Bhavan School

Meet Isabel Rutherford, a former volunteer who will be giving us an on the ground view of what it was like at Shanti Bhavan.  Hailing from the great state of New York, she has spent time in India teaching at our 2012 She’s the First School Beneficiary. (more…)

Twitterverse Thursday: How Was SXSW?

 #ContentAs a Means for Social Change



This year Biz Stone returned to SXSW for the first time since Twitter hit it big there in 2007.  The Twitter co-founder wasn’t there to unveil “the next big awesome thing”, but to share five personal stories with useful lessons that can be applied to life and using content for social change.


Meet the Changemakers at Women of the World


  We were inspired this past weekend hearing about all of the solution makers at the Women In the World Summit, who are working for social change. Finding a cause to support isn’t always as asy as it seems. We wanted to share some great organizations and companies with you that are doing good in the world. Please check them out and play your part today! (more…)

WIW Know How To End War And Keep A Sense of Humor


Leymah Gbowee is highlighted for the 2012 Women In The World Summit
This post is written by GWR Editorial writer MaryBeth Bognar.

I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend the whole program of this year’s Women In The World Summit. For three days, I heard the amazing stories of each speaker, host, and panel. (more…)

Twitterverse Thursday: Music Is Universal

What an exciting past week for us at GIRLS WHO ROCK! We brunched with our friends at Do Right, Be Brite, this week we will be covering the Women In The World Summit, and of course as always the Twitterverse is buzzing with fun things to share with you – it is Twitterverse Thursday after all! (more…)